Partition the hard drive under Windows 8

Partition the hard drive under Windows 8

Partitioning splits a disk into two or more smaller, separate drives. The larger a hard disk, the longer it can take for the computer to find data on this disk. Partitioning a large drive can speed up the disk access time. By partitioning, you can separate the operating system from other files on the hard disk, making the backup of important files easier and faster. By partitioning, you can also create other boot drives for the purpose of using more than one operating system. Before you partition your hard drive, it is a good idea to determine how much free disk space you have. It is also a good idea to have a reason for partitioning your hard disk as this will help you determine how much space you need on your new partitions. You can read More about on salmanblogger

Reserve the …

Questions To Ask Your Crush to impress her.

Questions To Ask Your Crush is a very important topic for those people who has a crush on someone. They are afraid of talking to them because they does not have any clue where to start from.

Let me tell you my friend you are not the only one who has this problem. There are millions of other people who has this same problem. This problem is just because of the confident we lack or the idea we do not have to talk about.

So just take a deep breath hold on your nerves and bee confident and just do a little home work on what topic you will talk. As many people does not have any sort of idea what questions to ask a girl. They also lack confident which is a very big problem.

What if you are going someone and saw a beautiful guy or a …

Complete List of Pokemon Picross Passwords 2017.

We have all updated Pokemon Picross Passwords 2017 which you can check below all updated list of Pokemon Picross Passwords. If the Pokemon Picross Passwords are not correct do let us know through your comments.

Pokemon Picross is a freemium puzzle video game featuring Pokemon characters developed by Jupiter Corporation and published by The Pokemon Company for the Nintendo 3DS.

The title is part of the “Picross” nonogram series that use number-based grid puzzles to reveal pictures. It was released as a downloadable title on the Nintendo 3DS eShop worldwide in December 2015.

Game Play Of Pokemon Picross.

Pokémon Picross follows the typical format of nonogram puzzles, in which players must use numbers depicted on a grid to determine which parts to fill and not fill in. When a puzzle is completed, players are rewarded with a Pokémon based on the puzzle they cleared.

These Pokémon can be set …

Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text. A Guide to get her more Attention

With the invention of mobile devices and many other social media apps talking to some one is not that hard any more. It is important for every guy to have the basic knowledge and manners to talk to any one.

Yes you are reading it right, to get someone’s attentions it is very important to have manners on how to talk to them to get their maximum attention.

Every guy has someone special in their life with whom they want to spend their most of the time. You talk to her when you meet to her and wants to talk to more when you both are not together.

You both can only be connected with each other through social media apps or any other texting system.
There are many guys out there who are very bad in texting and the girl does not feel comfortable talking longer.

Why it is …

All About Prize Bond Draws Result in Pakistan

Prize bond draws in  Pakistan

Prize bond draws is held by a committee constituted by Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) and open to general public. Winning prize bonds are drawn through Hand operated draw machine, which is operated by special children in front of Committee members and general public attending the draw ceremony. Draw machine is also checked by the general public before the start of the draw.

Central Directorate of National Savings, Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan is controlling/managing all government savings for the benefit of General Public.

The Committee constituted by CDNS consisted of officials of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) BSC, Local/Regional Directorate of National Savings and members from local Chamber of Commerce & Industry hold the Draws.

Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC), Karachi, prints Prize bonds of all denominations with the approval of Govt. of Pakistan.

These Prize Bond List  are printed in the …

ADHD Plagued: Life Of The Next Generation

ADHD Plagued: Life Of The Next Generation

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a really serious health problem and a huge majority of kids and teenagers are suffering from it. The real dilemma is that ADHD is not recognized as a proper health problem by many doctors and specialists. As a result of which people suffering from it are forced to suffer from it. Even if parents insist that their child has ADHD, the doctor will just ignore that no matter what. If in some cases parents ask for permission to buy Adderall online from doctors, they will be handed over a prescription to buy some costly medications. So don’t keep yourself bound to recommendations from such doctors. Give your child the proper ADHD treatment that is needed so that they could live a normal life once again.

Is Adderall Safe For Kids?

Parents become really confused if someone recommends …

Web Hosting can Affect Your Website Speed – Pros and Cons of a Hosting Server

Everyone wants to increase the speed of its website, in this digital world of competition. There are many factors which can increase the speed of the site. One of the most important factor to increase the speed of site is hosting. I have mentioned some factors which show web hosting can affect your website Speed – pros and cons of a hosting server.

There are many elements that have an effect on the placement of a internet site and net website hosting is certainly one of them. In truth, the ranking of your web site in the seeps can be suffering from the host in some instances.

If you are looking for the first-class web hosting in Pakistan then you must have a examine the sure ways that we are going to expose you about how the web host can affect your internet site.

Site Speed

That is the …

Ways to Reduce Stress and Depression Over the Holidays – Tips to Combat Stress

Stress is a thing which can ruin your life even in the days of holidays. A person who is feeling mental pressure will not feel relax and he can also ruin life of others. Others, also do not feel relax and do not enjoy their company. I want to discuss Ways to Reduce Stress and Depression Over the Holidays in this article. 

The vacation season regularly brings unwelcome guests — stress and depression. And it’s no surprise. The holidays present a dizzying array of demands — events, shopping, baking, cleansing and unique, to call just a few but with some realistic pointers, you may reduce the stress that accompanies the vacations. You can even come to be taking part in the vacations greater than you thought you’ll.

According to American Holidays Calendar there are many holidays in USA which can be celebrated with full devotion if you are mentally relax.…

40 Stylish and Unique Cool WhatsApp Wallpapers

Unique Cool WhatsApp Wallpapers

Today Trendy News is going to share with you the stylish Cool Whatsapp Wallpapers collection from Cool Whatsapp Status. Whatsapp Wallpapers are in the huge demand after the online messaging service come in action. If we talk about old kind of messaging service, there was no concept of sending images, display pictures, wallpapers and multimedia. I was talking about the early days of online messaging when people are using ICQ, Paltalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk on the Desktop computers. Later Whatsapp Messenger came and change the way of Chatting or Messaging.

These days people are not only use the Whatsapp Messenger for chatting but always try to impress others with their New Status Update, Display Pictures and Wallpapers. Whatsapp DP is commonly called Whatsapp Display Picture. Initially Facebook started this term called Profile Picture and we know how popular Facebook is. Later on people start …

The Current State of the Bypass Google Account

The continuous development in the technology today is accompanied by advancements in security features as well. The same is true with smartphones. Smartphones are becoming more and more enhanced and hi tech. One of the most important developments is the Factory Reset Protection in the form of Google account Verification.

What is a Factory Reset Protection?

A Factory Reset Protection or FRP is a security measure that is incorporated in smartphones or any android devices so that resetting a phone back to its factory settings would be somehow difficult for those who does not own the phone but easy for the real or original owners. It has been developed to protect stolen phones from being used by other people or granting unauthorized access to people who are not the original owners of the phones. Because of this, the files and other important documents within the gadget can be protected from …